Fearless Cities - Cities in transformation @ Warsaw, Poland, Warszawa [od 13 do 15 lipca]

Fearless Cities - Cities in transformation

13 - 15
10:00 - 18:00

 Strona wydarzenia
Warsaw, Poland
Central European Municipalist Summit in Warsaw. We build upon the legacy of extremely succesfull Fearless Cities Barcelona 2017.

Cities, along with their communities, are subject to constant transformation. But we all know that the most important, inevitable changes are still ahead of us. What can we do to influence the changes that will shape our future lives in the cities we live in? How to relegate the decision-making process from the government institutions onto a local level? How to #FeminizePolitics and help women get over the adversities they encounter? Or how to stop the ever-growing far right movements?

We are focusing on eight main aspects. We will provide you a deepdive into each of them over upco...ming days, gradually introduce the speakers who will cover them and
— What is special about CEE cities? What is our common denominator? What challenges and what benefits the transformation gave us?

— How to grow? — The importance of spatial planning, setting infrastructural priorities right

— The quality of life in the city — why it’s all connected between the air quality, green areas, recreation and healthcare?

— The business and the city — material heritage of crafts, civic oversight over the relationship between the business and the local government

— Self governance as the space of meritocracy — mayor as a representative of townsfolk more than a political party

— Strongarming the institutions into transparency and practice of civic participation

— The activist craft — everyday practice of reclaiming your city

— Tenant rights — the living space as the most crucial condition for existence — how to oppose commoditization of housing policy

These are only couple of problems we are going to tackle during the summit. Expect lot of meetings, tons of inspiration form our Speakers and workshops that will give you practical tools to act and change your local community. See you in Warsaw!

Stay tuned for more details!
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