The Erasmus Winter Ball I Warsaw I 95% SOLD OUT @ Club Mirage, Warsaw [9 grudnia]

The Erasmus Winter Ball I Warsaw I 95% SOLD OUT

23:00 - 06:00

 Strona wydarzenia
Club Mirage
Plac Defilad 1, 00-901 Warszawa
Everything with a beginning also comes to and end, the same goes for this semester in Warsaw. However, we will not grieve because it's over, but we will celebrate because it happened.

▬▬▬ The Party ▬▬▬

It was Saturday the 17th of January 1920, when the New York Times reported «One minute after midnight tonight, any drinkable containing more than half of 1 per cent alcohol will be forbidden by the eighteenth amendment.»

The same night, a gentleman by the name of Jay Gatsby threw one of the largest parties that ever took place in the city of New York, it was one final night of excess and misbehavior…

Saturday the 9th of December we will go back to this night in 1920, to celebrate one final night with everybody before the semester ends and we all go our separate ways… Ladies put on your elegant evening dresses and men dress in your stylish black tie and engage in a night of grandeur and alcohol.

“The better you dress, the worse you can behave”

▬▬▬ The Tickets ▬▬▬

Tickets for our events are most of the time already sold out online in advance, we reward people who buy their tickets early by using multiple ticket rounds, the only difference between the different rounds is the price.

□□□□ Round 1 € 1.5 (SOLD OUT)
□□□□ Round 2 € 3.5 (SOLD OUT)
□□□□ Round 3 € 5.0 (SOLD OUT)
□□□□ Round 4 € 6.5

Tickets available on:
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