9th European IACCP Conference @ Uniwersytet SWPS, Warsaw [od 16 do 19 lipca]

9th European IACCP Conference

16 - 19
09:00 - 17:00

 Strona wydarzenia
Uniwersytet SWPS
ul. Chodakowska 19/31, 03-815 Warszawa
Europe and its direct geopolitical neighborhood have become a stage for many dramatic events and processes that no one would have dared to predict some years ago. The wars in the Middle East and the refugee crisis; the Russian-Ukrainian conflict; the economic and political tensions between the EU member states, affecting Union’s stability (e.g. Brexit); and the shocking terrorist attacks – are the most obvious examples of our day to day reality.

These macro political problems have direct cultural roots as well as implications. Never before in its history has cross-cultural psychology been faced with such tests of practical importance. Never before have the research problems on immigration, acculturation, and inter-group relations had so much relevance. Our keynote speakers, invited symposia and round table debates will address these problems.

We wholeheartedly invite all IACCP members and interested psychologists to the European Regional Conference, Warsaw_2017, organized by SWPS University.

The keynote speakers will appear at the Second Announcement on October 15. Also, Call for Papers: Symposia, Thematic Papers, and Poster Presentations will be open on that date.

The organizers encourage prospective participants to submit proposals related to the major theme of the Conference:

— Refugee crisis and adaptation;
— Immigration — Acculturation — Multiculturalism in Europe;
— Intergroup relations and identities.
— This being said, it should be clear that the program will be open for all topics covered by cross-cultural psychology.

Reports of comparative studies on basic psychological processes, personality and interpersonal relations; family and developmental issues, work-organization, and other applied fields — are all welcome

e-mail: [email protected]

For more information, please visit our website: swps.pl/nauka-i-badania/konferencje/iaccp2017
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